A vision to be the best,

a need to serve the community

The Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center offers a patient focused program, as part of Tahoe Forest Health System, and provides the most current medical oncology services across the continuum of care.

The Community for Cancer Care Endowment, established in 2010 supports three areas of need:

• Patient and Family Cancer Care Programs….a whole-person approach to cancer care that addresses the social, psychological, emotional, and functional aspects of a patient and caregivers journey.  
• Sustainability Fund …Supports oncology services to attract and retain cancer care clinicians and oncology equipment to sustain Tahoe Forest Cancer Center.
• General Campaign for Cancer Care Endowment….Programs to be determined over time that support cancer services within the Cancer Center.

We are in the final phase of completing the Circle of Life, a beautiful work of stonemason's art, an inlaid greeting at the entry of the Cancer Center.   To have your name, a loved one's name or business name engraved, click here or visit the Circle of Life page to view available spaces.  All proceeds benefit the Community for Cancer Care Endowment.

Deadline:  March 1, 2016